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Preparing a Coronavirus Crisis Plan for Employees: Crisis communication best practices

April 2nd, 2020
My new article with advice for preparing coronavirus crisis communication plans for the employees of companies and organizations is now online at As I note in the story, “If you don’t have a plan for communicating with employees about…

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Lessons Learned from the Pandemic; Getting Ready for the Next Crisis

March 20th, 2020
We’ve had to deal with several health crisis situations over the past 100+ years, such as the Spanish flu in 1918, polio, AIDs, etc. In general terms, the response by federal governments to these and other public health emergencies has often…

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Why Trump Gets Failing Grades for Managing the Coronavirus Crisis

March 13th, 2020
I give President Donald Trump failing grades for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. The President of the United States is going against important and proven best practices for responding to and managing a crisis, disaster, or other emergency….

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Crisis Management Advice on Resignations, Managing Expectations, and Avoiding Fiascos

February 17th, 2020
Here’s crisis management expert and author Edward Segal’s latest advice, insights, and perspectives about how companies, organizations, and individuals in the news are responding to and managing their crisis situations. Resignations Can Often…

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The Coronavirus and 7 Reasons Why You Should React Quickly to a Crisis

February 7th, 2020
WASHINGTON — One of the most important things you can do when you learn about a crisis that affects your company or organization is to move quickly to address it. Depending on the nature of the crisis, moving quickly can: 1. Show you know about…

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Podcasting Tips & Best Practices Discussed at National Press Club Communicator Breakfast

January 27th, 2020
Three experts on producing and using podcasts shared their insights, perspectives and recommendations last Thursday (Jan. 23) at the first Communicator Professional Development Breakfast of the year put on by the Club’s Communicator Team. I am…

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Crisis Management Plan Now

January 10th, 2020
Just like an insurance policy, no one hopes that a crisis plan will ever have to be used. But when the need arises, you will be relieved that it is there and available. There are 10 reasons why companies and organizations need a crisis…

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Three Crisis Management New Year’s Resolutions for Every Company and Organization

January 2nd, 2020
As the former CEO of two trade associations crisis management expert and author Edward Segal knows that it is not a matter of if an organization will have a crisis, but when. That’s why today he recommends companies and organizations follow these…

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