Crisis Management

Are you ready for a crisis?

  • Hackers take control of your organization’s website, posting content on the home page and stealing and releasing confidential data about customers.
  • Several female employees allege that a member of your board of directors has sexually assaulted them.
  • A gunman kills at least 9 people at your exhibit booth at a trade show being held in a well-known hotel.

Are you Really Prepared?

Even if you can’t prevent some disasters, you can respond and bounce back faster if you are prepared. But have you done everything possible to ensure you’re ready when a crisis hits? MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, had to hire an outside public relations firm to help manage the aftermath of the mass shootings there.

If an international conglomerate needs help in a crisis, what message does that send about your own readiness?

How Edward Segal Can Help

Crisis management expert Edward Segal helps ensure you are prepared for the worst. In his customized workshop you’ll learn the following:

  • How to avoid dangerous assumptions
  • Steps you can take today to help prevent or manage a crisis
  • Strategies, tactics, and techniques for dealing with an emergency
  • How to manage the media
  • What to do in what order when a crisis hits
  • Learning from the successes and mistakes of others
  • Tools and resources to manage a crisis
  • Checklist to determine if you are ready to face an emergency

And you’ll take part in interactive/role-playing exercises to sharpen your skills in responding to and managing a crisis.

Edward offers a one- and half-day crisis management workshops he can bring to your organization. Non-profit rates are available.

About Edward Segal

Edward Segal is a crisis management and communications expert, PR consultant, spokesperson trainer, and former CEO and communications director of trade associations. He is the author of two public relations handbooks.

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