Getting Your 15 Minutes of FAme book cover
Getting Your 15 Minutes of FAme book cover
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Praise for Edward Segal’s Crisis Ready

With real-time social media available to billions of people, a crisis is just one tweet or YouTube video away. However, when something does occur that has potential to affect your reputation, ‘no comment’ is not a savvy response. Crisis Ready prepares you for effectively managing threats to your business. It’s your guide to the strategies and tactics of effective real-time communications. Read it so you will be ready when (not if) crisis hits your organization.
David Meerman Scott, marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of eleven books including The New Rules of Marketing and PR.
Crisis Ready is the ultimate and invaluable survival guide for business executives who are knee-deep in a crisis and a handy reference book for company officials who want to prepare for the inevitable. Edward Segal helps you assess your readiness to handle a crisis and provides a practical handbook — packed with exciting real-world examples that required real-world solutions— for crisis communication planning everyone can benefit from. Edward’s conversational writing style makes Crisis Ready a quick and easy read and its innovative design ensures you can immediately find the advice and information you need before, during, or after a crisis.
Mitchell Marovitz, Ph.D., APR University Program Chair & Professor of Public Relations Past Chair, Universal Accreditation Board and Member, National Capital PR Hall of Fame.
In Crisis Ready, Edward Segal puts his wealth of experience and knowledge about crisis management and communication at your fingertips. He has written a lively, engaging, and practical handbook that provides invaluable insights and advice for preventing, managing, and recovering from dozens of crisis situations. Crisis Ready is like having your own personal crisis management expert available and on call 24/7.
Karen Friedman Karen Friedman Enterprises Author, “Shut Up And Say Something!”, “Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons”
Crisis Ready is the one book every CEO and other company officials should have in easy reach on their desks before, during, and after a disaster, scandal, or other emergency strikes. This is a quick and easy read with important advice and insights for anyone who helps lead or manage a business or organization. Don’t wait until there is a crisis to figure out how to respond and recover from it. Do yourself and your organization a big favor and start reading Crisis Ready today.
Arnold Sanow Author, “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”
Edward Segal’s newest book is nothing short of crisis management gold. It is the smart, straight-forward, comprehensive, “how to” guide you need to get ready for and manage the unexpected and the unthinkable. Crisis Ready is the one-stop, go-to reference guide on crisis management for anyone who starts, runs, or helps lead any business or organization.Why put your company or organization at risk by ignoring or denying problems that can impact your reputation, operations, and bottom line? By following Edward’s comprehensive and practical advice, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that you are as ready as you can be for any crisis and can bounce back from it as soon as possible.
David Nellis Principal, Executive Creative Director Return on Investment marketing and communication agency
Associations and nonprofit organizations sometime wrongly believe they are immune from a crisis, or that its impact will be minimal. It is not difficult to find news about organizations that have had to deal with million dollar embezzlements, violations of the law (“We didn’t know”) or a death at their planned event. Having a crisis response plan and resources is critical for survival for leaders, staff, and boards of directors Crisis Ready, and the expertise and examples provided by author Edward Segal, are valuable tools.
Bob Harris, CAE The Nonprofit Center
I know from my experience and research that proactive planning is critical in order for companies and organizations to successfully weather a crisis and come out even stronger on the other side. The bad news is that crises are inevitable. The good news is that in Crisis Ready Edward Segal provides the protocols that are necessary to help ensure the survival of a business and the resiliency of its brand.
Sweta Chakraborty, Ph.D. Risk and Behavioral Scientist Millennium Leadership Fellow, The Atlantic Council US Representative, We Don’t Have Time

Praise for Edward Segal’s Profit by Publicity PR Handbook for REALTORS®

This book is a winner! From the first page to the last, it provides step-by-step directions on how to generate the level of publicity real estate professionals want or need in order to succeed. This reference guide is full of examples of the news coverage real estate agents and brokers have received about their activities, services, and expertise, and expert advice on how you can duplicate their success.
Dale Stinton, CEO, National Association of REALTORS®
Profit by Publicity is a must-read book for every real estate professional. Edward Segal’s advice and insights make you an instant expert on how to generate the publicity you need to help ensure your success in a competitive and challenging industry.
William E. Brown, 2016 President-Elect, National Association of REALTORS®
Edward Segal has written the ultimate how-to reference guide on publicity that all real estate agents and brokers should have on their desks. This is the only book you’ll ever need to create the publicity you want about your real estate business, activities, or expertise.
David Cabot, former President, San Diego Association of REALTORS®
This is more than a book – it’s like having your own on-call consultant you can turn to whenever you need outstanding and dependable publicity advice. From news releases to speeches, you’ll find everything you need know to help put you or your real estate company on the map – and stay there!
Jerry Matthews, Advisor, Former CEO of the Illinois and Florida Associations of REALTORS®
Edward Segal does it again with this insightful new book. His PR expertise becomes your PR expertise as you wend your way through the pages he has written. I recommend both the book and the idea of you becoming a PR expert.
Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerilla Marketing, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books
Edward provides all the tools you need to help achieve your desired level of public recognition.
Sergio Zyman, author, The End of Marketing as We Know It.

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